Looking for dragonflies or butterfly

bamasueJune 15, 2007

Anyone seen or know where I might look for large ones made of mache' or straw? Needs to be big enough to hang alone on a front door. All help appreciated! Thanks!

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Hi Bamasue, I was hoping someone else could help you since I sure don't have an answer for you. Good luck with your search. Luvs

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http://www.butterflycraze.com/Products/ButterfliesAndBugs.html?s=gaw&kw=Hanging+Butterflies Hi bamasue hope this link helps.

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Kattydid, that's it!! Placed my order!! Large ones aren't easy to find. Wonder how I missed that site while googling? Ya'll are really good at "cutting through" the clutter and helping out! Thank you!

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You're very welcome, Glad I could help.

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