Crafty ones...I need advice!

sharon_flJune 7, 2008

I posted this on the Tole & deco painting forum as well. but need advice asap, as I'm going to paint this morning & am at a standstill as how to how to proceed. Can you help me?

I'm about done refinishing the 'princess like' head & footboard for my grandaughter's room. I painted it a cream color & did the fancy carvings in very soft baby pink & lavender latex. There are some areas of the carvings I want to accent with the liquid gold. My question is this:

I have used latex paint on the entire bed. The gold isn't water based. I am varnishing the entire set. Should I apply the gold first, then varnish or wait & put the gold on after the bed is varnished?? Since I'm brushing the water based varnish on-I can leave the areas bare (areas w/just the base cream color) where I want to apply the gold. Seems like I feel there might be a chemical reaction if I apply the gold & then varnish. Any suggestions?

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Sorry no one answered you yesterday when you were painting. I would think putting the gold on before the varnish would be just fine. If you haven't already done it, maybe call a place like Home Depot and talk to the people in the paint dept and see what they say. Hope you'll post pics of this bed when you're done, it sounds wonderful and I'm sure your GD is going to just love it.


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I've painted with acrylics before & trimmed in paint pen.. when I coated w/the acrylic clear spray.. the gold changed colors...

My personal advice.. either try a sample board.. or use the gold AFTER your varnish...

BTW - it sounds like a lovely project!

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