What kind of tape makes parchment paper stick?

barb5January 22, 2010

I have seen in decorating books chefs use parchment paper to make pastry bags. I've got the technique down to fold the paper into a bag, but haven't found a tape to make the paper stick together. The cookie decorating book I have says to use masking tape, but it doesn't stick to the paper. Have also used regular tape that you would use to wrap a present in, but that doesn't work either.

Am hesitant to branch out and use stuff like electrical tape, or even duct tape, because I'm not sure if they would be food safe.

Anyone use parchment paper to make pastry bags? What tape do you use?

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I use a stapeling gun. In fact, I got the idea from one of my cake decorating books.

Works for me!!

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My very first job was in a bakery when I was 15. One of my jobs was making pastry bags. There's actually a way to fold the bag so it stays in place but the easiest way is to staple it.


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Okay this lady used a touch of Scotch tape...

Here is a link that might be useful: Pachment Pastry Bag video

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Thanks for your responses. I think stapling the top may be the best way.

And Terri, it is interesting on the video link you posted, that she tapes around the point end. I'm thinking she uses a long enough peice so that the tape is taping to itself and not to the paper. I was trying to tape at the wide end, but I am going to try it the way she does, because I end up with icing leaking around the tip occasionally. That piece of tape may fix that problem.

Can't wait to try this. I ordered a heart cookie cutter today and am planning on decorating for Valentine's day.

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Barb, I hope it works..I just buy disposable plastic pastry bags..

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