Reverse Glass Painting

enjoyingspringJune 6, 2007

Has anyone ever done this, not quite sure what it involves but it sounds interesting.

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Donna Dewberry (One-Stroke Painting) does this method. You do it backwards, meaning: If you're painting a flower, you first paint the center, then add the petals and other greenery. Check out her website at

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checked out her site and just found a lot of advertising, maybe I am not looking in the right spot.

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Did you look at the videos and books section. She has a video and a book I think. I have the VHS tape of Glass & Ceramics by Donna Dewberry and she does her rose in reverse painting on the back of a clear plate.

I do good to paint the regular way--trying to figure out how to do it in reverse is mind boggling to me. LOL

I just typed reverse painting on glass in Google and got lots of hits--you might try checking some of those also.

Good luck, sure hope you find what you need.


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