WAAAAAAAA!!! Look what I did

kattydidJune 14, 2007

This is the third one that has got broken. I quit! I think I'm gonna try one of my old bowling balls. Does anyone know what kind of glue to use for those round flat clear stones.(glass?). Would appreciate any help. The ball I'm starting with is purple.The culpret is the brush next to it. I blew it off the deck when I was power washing it. (the deck)

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If you go over to the Garden Junk forum, there is a FAQ page if you do a search on Bowling Balls or even BB's as it's shortened to often.

I have done a few BB"s and even attached the flat marbles to fish and ivy bowls for outside. Most people on the GJ forum will tell you that you HAVE to use GE II silicone but I used the cheap Wal-Mart Mainstays stuff for years without a problem. DH also was told by my father, who does contracting, that the Quad silicone (black tube) found at hardware store (we buy ours at Lowe's) is the best stuff for outdooor things. We started using it to seal around windows and other things and we're not getting leaks like we did with all the others we've tried over the years! The stuff is fast acting and once it's dry, you have good protection!

Good luck! :)

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I feel for you Kattydid, mine got knocked over and broken too. I do have several BB's and light globes with the half marbles on them. Next one I do will just be painted.

I've only used the GE Silicone II for windows and doors. So far it is standing up to the heat and even our freeze we had this year.

Sweets is right, do a search for Bowling Balls if you need ideas. There are tons of them on the Garden Junk forum.

Love your hostas! ;o)


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Thanks all, I'll head over to TTT. Let you know what I find,

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I was thinking of spracticly placing pics of family and friend under them. What do you think? The ball is purple so I think it might look nice under clear ones I leave plain

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Will the photos hold up outside? I don't know much about attaching photos and such to marbles and what they can withstand. I guess you could always try it out and if it doesn't work, just plan to do work next year???

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Katydid, I'm new to this forum, and I read your post and saw the photo of your broken gazing ball. I just finished a fundraising workshop at our church, and we completed 35 mosaic gazing balls using old bowling balls. They were absolutely beautiful. If someone could tell me how to post photos on this forum, I'd try so you can see some of them. I became the official "grouter" because no one was ever comfortable enough to try it. The glue of choice for our group was Liquid Nails - clear or putty colored - sold at our Walmart. I found it very important to use the correct amount of glue. Apply enough on the marbles or pieces of glass so the glue hugs the piece but doesn't fill up the space between the pieces. Several pieces would come off during the grouting process if the pieces are glued improperly and most likely won't hold up outside from year after year. Good luck with your project. It was the most fun our group had crafting. We're gearing up for our Fall Craft Fair - this will be our 5th year and trying to come up with ideas for crafts/art to sell. Anyone out there have any good ideas and photos would be very helpful. Thanks very much!

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Ringaroundtherosie, Have you been over to the Garden Junk forum? They are making really cute bottle bugs and lots of other things too. Maybe you could find the perfect project there.


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sorry about your glazeing ball, looks like it was very pretty, if you are looking for ideas to decorate bowling balls check out these,I think this poster does a beautiful job!


also check out these done with the marbles. I so love the blue one.


I made one years ago useing pennys, want to try the dragonfly at the frist link, have to find a bowling ball cheap frist

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Thanks all. That's my mission for today, LOL

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This is what I have so farhttp://www.butterflycraze.com/Products/ButterfliesAndBugs.html?. Need to get more clear stones/ The glass silicone glue works good and it's warerproof.I think I'll grout it in lilac grout. It is gonna be covered with family and friens from years gone by till now. This one I will not put out side I'm gonna leave it on This stand and put it on a lazy suzy so it will be easy to look at. Tell me what you think

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Katydid, that will be a real family treasure. I'm sure all your guests will love looking at it too. And family members will try to find their own picture on it. Be sure to post a pic for us when you get it all finished. Luvs

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I'm sorry you broke it...it was beautiful..

I want to know....on the edge of your deck where the wood looks new....it that what "power washers" do...???

Do they make the wood look nearly new again?

If so I want one.


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My deck is 8 years old.And it came out like brand new. And you don't have to buy one you can rent one. It does a really great job.

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I'm sorry to hear about your gazing ball. I've had two that have died similar untimely deaths-- one due to a temperature change, and one due to a large bluejay who misestimated both his own size and his landing skills.

I believe the Lakeside Collection catalog has metal gazing balls-- quite pretty, very irridescent. That might be an option for you, too.

Best Regards,

Here is a link that might be useful: My crafting/thrifting/decorating blog

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