What do people charge for cross stitching?

mewhorseAugust 2, 2006

Hi. I have read the rules and don't think I'm technically breaking them as I am not advertising a business or offering a service...yet...just would like to know if anyone could give me some advice. I would like to start my own small business offering for sale completed craft items (cross stitch/latch hook/paint by number/beaded ornaments/crochet etc.) as well as my own services on other peoples projects. I would like advice from any who have seen these sort of sites before and know what do people charge ie per stitch and per completed project. Any suggestions would be appreciated, especially any links to these sort of websites (Canadian or US only though please). Thank you and I hope you can help!

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When you are paid for model stitching (from a designer to put on the cover of the pattern) it is normally 1 cent per stitch and they give you the fabric and thread. But if you were going to buy everything to sell you would have to add that in.

So, let's say that you are making something that is a 5x7 size.
Just plain aida cloth is about $5 (that's cheap and on sale).
Floss: $.28 each color (on sale if you are lucky 4/$1) Might need, let's say 10 colors : $8
Stitch count: 30x50 : 1500 stitches@.01 = $15
Frame and mat: $20

So JUST the stuff to make it is $48. Are you going to charge anything for the amount of time you worked in it? If you are able to finish it in a day that is 8 hours at at least min. wage: $50 (8 hours @ $6.25)

So it would be close to $100 for a small piece with no beads or bleading filament (both at $1.50 a package)

Just a thought. Most people don't realize that THAT much work goes into it. Have you ever stitched anything before? If not, make a small piece and then deside if that is what you want to do.

Good luck.


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hi, I also wish to have the small business offering for completed cross stitch on internet but didn't have experience yet. I'm in China and I found a completed cross stitch doesn't cost that much as in US ( say 5x7 item probably cost only $30 or even cheaper). And I think you can get more profit by buying from China instead of cross stitch by yourselves. I did several pieces of cross stitch before and it really spent time and energy. So if you would like to buy from here,I can source for you in China. Actually I'm looking for a partner in US to sales abroad. If you have interest, you can contact me by my email:

by the way, I find the website to buy and sell such kind of hand-made stuff for your reference.It's a US website.


Hope to hear from you.


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