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omega73December 3, 2013

Hi, I've read as many posts on here as humanly possible concerning the American Range Performer. I know there are a lot of similar posts already out there but one more can't hurt.

I'm in Montreal and don't seem to have the selection others in the US do. Most places up here carry Viking (now Brigade up here), Wolf, Fisher Paykel DCS, the consensus seems to be to stay away from these three. There is one store that does carry American Range and Dacor, it seems that Blue Star is available at Costco although it may be online availability only and the same goes for Capital via the Canadian Home Depot website. I asked the store that sells AR if they would be able to order Capital or Bluestar and they said they used to carry them but not anymore because they had problems with them. Now I didn't probe if that meant problems with the product or issues with the manufacturer/commission, etc... It's too bad because I've read so many positive reviews about Capital (mind you only for the Culinarian which is another price level).

The AR Performer seems to get positive feedback on here as well but not to the extent of Capital or even Blue Star. I'm looking at the 30" Performer and trying to convince myself why I should get it vs say the Blue Star or even Wolf or Viking.

I found a YouTube video of a water boil test where it takes almost a full minute longer to boil 2 cups of water on the Performer vs Bluestar (about 3 mins vs 4 mins). Seems kind of odd that there would be such a difference.

I didn't notice the distance between the burner and the grates in person but I did read about the AR burners not being very close to the grates, I will go back to the showroom to take a look, can anyone clarify this.

Any new fresh feedback from AR owners would be greatly appreciated.

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I was able to track down a retail outlet outside of the city that carries Capital but the Culinarian as I figured is priced at $5500, way out of budget. They have a discontinued model for $3200 but not sure which model.

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Any AR Performer users out there.

Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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