Let's See Those Americana Decorations

craftylady-2006June 29, 2007

I'd like to see pics of Americana decorations of either something you made or how you decorated for the 4th of July. Can we get something going here...


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Hi Sal, great idea! I'd love to see everyone's decorations. I hang a wreath made of silk carnations on my window and some of those big bows on the porch posts then have these items hanging or sitting on the patio somewhere. Just made the two signs--they will have stakes added and one will go in my flower planter (the other is for a gift). Luvs

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Heres mine, old jars,spounged on glass stain, tea light candles
I love the americana look, never seem to do much in decorating
my DD wants to go with americana so better learn to make some crafts, hope to get some ideas in this post.

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Luvs, your painting, as always, is fantastic. You do such a great job with it.

Oddie, those jars are so darling. Will you share your technique for "glass staining" - never heard of that.

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My newest patriotic item is this stuffed and painted muslin sheep inspired by one Craftylady bought and placed in her wreath.

Hubby and I made several wooden yard stars. Here is two of the patriotic ones:

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Oddie, I love your jars. Yes, please share instructions with us. Your stars look so perfect on them, are they a stencil?

Linda, your painted stars are wonderful. What a cool idea! Care to share the instructions? What kind of wood? And how did you attach the stake to it? And of course, I love your sheep--you did a nice job on it, especially since you only had a picture from Craftylady to go by.

Sal, you forgot to post your items. We know you make those great stars. Got anymore items to share with us?


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Luvs you always do such great painting, love them all!! sooo cute
Linda love your stars, was looking for something to put in my yard,have to give it a try, love your sheep also, great job!
on the jars I spounged on a paint I got at a yard sale called kellys glass stain, says its permanent when dryed, can be used on glass or plastic, thats about all it says on the bottle, for the stars I cut them out of contact paper and left on till I was done with spoungeing, I out lined the stars with a paint pen,you can do the same with any paint you have on hand, was thinking the white glue with food coloring might work also, maybe dust with glitter.
Okay craftylady waiting to see your crafts.
Happy Crafting

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Good post Sal. I decorate Americana year round so fun to see everyone's things. Here are a few of my painted things that I have stored in photobucket.

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Anj, I always love your creations, and usually get to see most of them on the Painting forum---but have never seen your glider! That is so great, I just love it. Now that is a very "useful" patriotic item. ;o) Luvs

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I have Americana stuff all over outside and even some in the house (mostly our bedroom because it's red, white and blue :)). I have probably posted most of these on the Decorative and Tole and Garden Junk forums but for those of you that don't visit there, here you go! I also should take a picture of the large board I painted for on the porch...have to do that yet.

Okay, that's all I have in my Photobucket for now! LOL

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