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martin1026December 3, 2007

I just picked up an old upright freezer to use in my garage. I like to keep food in for longer periods of time, so it is important that it stays cold. I fired it up and checked the temp, it got down to zero. The problem is, the garage was about 40 degrees at the time. I live in Ohio, and in the summer, it can get pretty warm in there (probably up to 90). I know the freezer will have to work harder in the summer, but can I expect it to stay at zero? I should note that although it is old, everything, including the seal, looks fine.

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FWIW, my parents got an upright freezer to keep in their garage in NC (they load up on bread from a local bakery when they come up to visit us, and store it in their $500 bread box as they like to call it, 'til their next stock-up--I mean, visit!). They've had it for about 11 or 12 years now. They recently had it serviced for something (don't recall what), but I don't think they've had any other problems with it keeping stuff frozen at any time of year (and they have warmer weather for a long period of time down there).

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Don't worry about it. If the freezer works properly, there should be no problem with it keeping proper temp just because it is in a garage. I kept a freezer in my garage in Riverside County California for 10 years without a temp problem. It gets up to 115 in the summer there. It really is no different than keeping a fridge/freezer in your kitchen.

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A freezer should be able to keep food frozen even at high "outside" temperatures. It will take a lot more energy during the summer months though. In that regard I disagree with footballmom, a frige/freezer in the kitchen is normally NOT exposed to those high temperatures since most people run the A/C and keep the temperature below 80 degrees. That being said, we do have a freezer in the garage here in TX and will probably run it during the summer. We'll watch if it's worth it energy wise...

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Jean Popowitz

Oddly enough, it's not the summer temps that are the problem. Oftentimes, freezers and refrigerators in unheated spaces fail to work in the winter. I ended up purchasing a unit specifically designed to live in the garage.

Here is a link that might be useful: Freezerator

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