Mudroom locker systems from cabinet companies?

lhildrethNovember 12, 2006

The company we bought our kitchen and bath cabinets from has quoted us $6500 for a 64" wide mudroom locker setup. This price is using Aristocraft brand cabinets (we have Decora brand elsewhere which seems to be more high end) - they told us to add 50% for Decora. I've had a competitor come out and their bid was just as high (they again used Aristocraft).

I'm thinking the reason this price is so outrageous is that Aristocraft doesn't have "standard" components to create these lockers, so they are cobbling it together using refrigerator end panels, modified depth wall cabinets, etc.

If I can't get the price down to $2500 or so, I'm going to have to settle for the Pottery Barn pre-fab deal.

Our "mudroom" is really more of our garage entry (and we're in Florida - boots, coats, etc. will not be stored here and left to dry) and is highly visible (very open floor plan), so I am more concerned with looks than with function. This is more of a place for storing backpacks, laptop bags and shoes.

Since this concept seems to be growing in popularity, I'm wondering if anyone has seen "standard" components to create this type of storage system from the big cabinet companies (Kraftmaid, etc.)?

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We paid our finish carpenter (actually, we paid through our builder) $1800 for the mudroom I copied from a website.
Here is a picture, not a great one, but you get the idea. Oh, and the price included painting:

Sorry it is not a head on shot, but hopefully this will help.

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We had our trim carpenter build ours as well, three beadboard cubbies w/bench. Ours was about 1000 excluding painting.

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I recently bookmarked Dura Supreme website. I am impressed by the cabinetry and they have also a section you are looking for. I cannot link to it as it is a Flash presentation, look in the Beyond section on the website.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dura Supreme

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Kraftmaid has something called an entryway ensemble that looks like a one piece unit consisting of a bench with two drawers beneath, a beadboard or smooth back, a rail with 4 hooks and some crown moulding. Measurements are 48 7/8" wide, 18" deep, and 80 1/2" tall. I attached a link. Last three items at the bottom of the page.

However, we built our own out of 3/4" plywood, much cheaper I would imagine. I still need baskets for the top.

Here is a link that might be useful: kraftmaid entry way ensemble

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jo and legardhome--these are exactly the type of pictures I was looking for. I don't know if we'll build it ourselves or if we'll have it built, but that's what I want--hanging space for jackets, obvious spots for shoes--and boots--and a place for mittens, gloves, etc.

Everyone we talked to had a problem understanding why I wanted such a huge laundry/mud room--and as far as I'm concerned, it could be quite a bit bigger without any problem at all!

5 people, 3 coats each = 15 coats
5 people, 2 @ 2 pairs of shoes each = 4 pairs (DH and DD)
3 @ 4 pairs each = 12 pairs (DDs)
me @ 8 pairs (in the mud room) = 8 = 24 pairs
5 people, 8 pairs of boots
3 backpacks
2 purses

Winter time: 10 pairs of gloves, 10 hats, 5 scarves....

The way I look at it, people *are* going to dump their shoes and jackets when they walk into the house. The only question is where it's going to go!


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I also wanted to thank the posters for the pix. When we build, (eventually:) the mudroom will almost as important as the kitchen. I live in Maine and have a mudroom now, but it would have to be twice as large to accomodate all the stuff Beth mentioned.

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great mudroom photos! we'll be adding in something like that at some point down the road.

I love the one that legardhome made. that is exactly what I want my husband to do. (he better put his new 43' x 50' barn/workshop to some good use!!!)

I agree about a mudroom not being able to be TOO big. No such thing. It's like being too thin or too rich. Not possible. Ours isn't a perfect rectangle because the walk-in pantry takes out a 10' x 5' chunk, but it is 19' deep at its deepest point at the entry and 5 feet wide there and then, once you walk five feet in, it's 14 feet deep for the rest of the room and 10 feet wide.

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I'll also echo the idea that a mudroom can be large. We have a combined laundry room/mudroom and it's not big enough (8' x 11'). This is partially due to the fact that I added an exterior door of this laundry room (to our side yard). This took away lots of cabinet/mudroom built-in possiblities. If I had to do it over again, I would still add that exterior door but I would make the room quite a big larger so that we could do the mudroom part of the room justice (ideal size would be 10' x 15'). And we live in Arizona! I can only imagine how important this would be elsewhere in the country. Having said all this, we have yet to pull out any coats so far this year (still running the AC in the afternoons since it gets into the low 80s/high 70s this time of year). Kids went to school in their usual shorts and short-sleeve shirts (uniform) this morning. It will be late December before I can coax them into long pants (I usually have to hide their shorts for this to happen). LOL!

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Can you tell me what the paint colors are in your mudroom? It looks like a beige (on the left of the picture) and a yellow tone (in the mudroom itself).


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There was some locker photos on this website last year that I used for inspiration. I hope whoever originally posted these photos doesn't mind my "reissuing" them.

Here is a link that might be useful: locker photos

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I've contacted the Durasupreme dealer in my area and will hope to get a quote - thanks for that lead! Their "boot benches" look terrific - I like that they have drawers, etc. I'll let everyone know what the $$ is when we get it!

I would have someone build one in, but I'd like for it have a stain/glaze that matches my other cabinets... and our trim carpenter doesn't seem to have any availability to work with us (sigh!)...

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I am glad you posted this thread. I have been looking for mudroom ideas too. I wish I could have made my mudroom/laundry room a bit bigger, but since it is fairly small, I am searching for good storage solutions.

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My kitchen, mudroom and butler's pantry are all painted in Sherwin Williams Restrained Gold. The rest of the main rooms are SW Ivoire.

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Thanks for the pics. I have 4 childen between 7 and 3 and have been looking for a entry way that fits our need. Being of a farm there if many iteams to lay around this is purfect thanks again

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Just wanted to share pictures of our "new" mudroom. Thanks to all of those who posted pics. They gave my husband and I a good starting point. One of the things we added was rolling shelves on the bottom. The base was so deep and it would have been hard to reach all the shoes in the back. The rollouts are perfect! We also needed a place for our dogs kennel being are mudroom is small.
I am also sharing a picture of "The Board" as my family has begun to call it. I used a magnetic primer, then used the same red as the mudroom lockers, framed it and put up a dry erase board. The magnetic space around the dry erase board gives us extra space for important things. Hope this inspires someone!

Thanks again.

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Looks great Denise! Do you mind if I ask your dimensions?

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Why not check with a custom cabinet maker. They might be able to give you a better deal.

Here is a pic of ours, from a custom place and less than $1000. Not finished yet. 2 drawers on the bottom and an open cubbie in the middle. Cabinet above with two open areas and door in middle.

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Mine were also about $1000 and built on site. I can't imagine my life without them.

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Check out I got our mudroom lockers and boot bench from there. Great furniture at unbelieveably low prices!

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I've received a couple of emails asking about the locker system my husband built (red one)

It is approx 66 3/4 inches wide and 25 1/2 inches deep. The four dividers are approx 11 1/2 deep and 16 1/4 wide.

My husband built it himself using cabinet grade 3/4 inch plywood with veneer facing (available at hom depot), and the backing is 2 sheets of 4x8 bead board. With paint and all materials (drawer glides, plywood, bead board, and trim )it cost about $150-175.

If you have anymore questions, feel free to email.

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Denise that is wonderful! I love how you have the kennel in there. You have inspired me! DD wants a cat and I have been thinking where in the world can I put the litter box so that is is out of the way and some what hidden! I am not worried about oder, our last cat that box was cleaned out twice a day. Only thing I do not like about cats! I LOVE it!! I can't wait to show DH!

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Here's our on-site built cubbies:

I had intended that the top remain open and usable for a chargins station (had outlets installed above each cubby), but once built I realized they were way too tall (9 foot ceilingss), so I had the cabinet maker add doors. Now, I store seldom-used items up there.

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I realize this is kind of an old thread but I wanted to share a few photos of our custom mudroom cabinet:

Custom designed wall paneling. We wanted some drawers on the left and a comfortable bench area:

Large copper rustic looking sink and we wanted plenty of storage space.

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Love the photos. Like the poster above noted, I realize this is an old thread, but so many people I know are thinking about adding lockers to corral there kids belongings! I am currently knocking out a wall between two opposite facing closets to combine them into a 66" long locker system...with 4 kids, it seems like the only way to get their stuff organized! I love the ideas. When I finish, I'll post. Thanks for the inspiration...good design never goes out of style!

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THANKS to all, even the old posts. Loved the "do the math" on coats/shoes one as I have three kids as well.
Any comments/suggestions from those who have incorporated dog crates?
Has anyone tried pegboard on the back wall to allow for flexible hook schemes?
Thinking of putting doors on ours unless someone says NO!

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We also live in Florida and are trying to build a mudroom to go along a 14 foot wall. We are currently getting quotes from a number of cabinet makers .

For some other great ideas ... check out ... its a great website with tons of photos. I built an "idea book" consisting of photos of Mudrooms to help with inspiration and figure it might help if someone else comes across this post who wants to see some other samples

lots of mudroom ideas

Here is a link that might be useful: mudroom pics

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