How to make sauerkraut and dumplings

lpinkmountainJanuary 13, 2012

Mom used to make sauerkraut, sausage and dumplings dinner when I was a kid. That was the only way I liked sauerkraut. BF got a quart of homeade sauerkraut from a co-worker and I'd like to make that dinner for him. Problem is, I know mom made her dumplings with Bisquick and I don't have any of that and am not about to get it. Also, they were fluffy dumplings and I can't figure out how she made them, since sauerkraut doesn't seem to have enough liquid to even steam the dumplings. I do remember it all being served out of the same pot.

Anyone have a fluffy dumpling recipe and technique to share for this dish?

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cup of flour
2 tsps baking powder
Some sugar....about 1 T.
1/4 tsp salt
Mix together
Cut in as for pie crust
1 T butter
And add milk to make a soft dough you can drop in clumps....about 1 cup.

Variations...add dry parsley..and lots of black pepper.
Add cheese
Sub butter milk for regular.
For making with kraut, I might add some cumin seed....or perhaps caraway seeds.
If the kraut isn't juicy enough to cook the dumplings....add a bit of broth....or even water.
Sounds yummy!!
Linda C

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Here's the original Bisquick dumpling recipe

2 cups Bisquick baking mix
2/3 cup milk
1In a medium bowl add Bisquick mix and milk stirring until a soft dough forms.
2Drop mixture by spoonfuls onto boiling stew and reduce heat.
3Cook dumplings uncovered for 10 minutes. Cover pot and cook an additional 10 minutes. Serve immediately.

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Well, the sauerkraut was really sour, so next time I might rinse it, and the dumplings were a little gluey, but all in all a good tasting meal. Also made homeade applesauce with gala apples, which I don't like for applesauce. OK for eating but I like golden delicious or empire better for sauce. But I'm on a low acid diet and can't eat those kinds anymore. Phooey!

Saw some recipes online for dumplings made with an egg. I knew that wasn't in Bisquick, but anyone make those kind?

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I took this photo for my mom so she could join me for dinner vicariously.

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dumplings gluey? did you leave the lid on and not peek? That's the secret you know.
Low acid diet....and you had sauerkraut?
Looks good....what kind of sausage?

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I know, no sauerkraut. I paid for it too. I just can't stand to see food go to waste so wanted to use it up. And I did peek. I actually turned them. Bad me.

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Lpink, this is the recipe I use for dumplings,
It has egg in it.
A bit more work than the Bisquick kind,
But they are good!
They are the only kind I've made since I first tried them
Back in the early 1980's.

(From "A Texas Hill Country Cookbook")


1 stick margarine*
1/2 stick butter*
2 C boiling water
2 C sifted flour (AP)
1 tsp salt**
4 eggs
1/4 to 1/2 C flour***

*All butter or all margarine can be used successfully.
Using all margarine may call for a little more flour.

**Plain salt can be replaced with seasoned salt you like,
that will compliment your finished dish.

***This is for rolling them out.
Omit if you drop them from a spoon.


Melt margarine and butter in boiling water.
Add 2 C flour and salt.
Stir & cook over low heat until mixture leaves sides of pan.
(This happens quickly)

Cool slightly.
Add eggs, one at a time,
Stirring well after each addition.
(I use my hand mixer to beat each egg in.)
Pat dough out on floured surface,
with hands & rolling pin.
Cut into squares,
drop into gently simmering broth.
And cook until done.
A very short time.

This is a pretty wet and sticky dough,
so I prefer to use a small cookie scoop
And just drop them into the broth,
rather than rolling them out.

Either way, they quite literally melt in your mouth.

It is good to cover the pot while they simmer.
It helps them rise up higher.



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Forgot to add:
This recipe makes a LOT of dumplings,
probably 8 to 10 servings.
But it is easily halved.


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Thanks Rusty I can't wait to try your recipe! I only used up half the turkey kielbasa and half the sauerkraut so I have enough for another go around with this dish. About how long for the dumplings, maybe 10-12 minutes. I don't want to peek this time! Melt in your mouth, that sounds about right! I will halve, like you said, sounds easy enough to do. I know BF loves dumplings so if I can finesse this kind of meal I can get a lot of brownie points. Apparently his grandmother was a dumpling master! She also made legendary peach dumplings, apparently.

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L, my grandma made blackberry dumplings, I loved them.

As for sauerkraut, I always rinse my homemade kraut, not because it's too sour but because it's too salty for me otherwise.

I make dumplings like LindaC, but Elery detests dumplings of any type, even the noodle/slider ones, so I never make dumplings any more. Yeah, I know,w hat kind of southern boy is he anyway?

He says he ate so many chicken and dumplings when he was a kid that he NEVER wants them again. He doesn't like gravy either!


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Lpink, I've never timed cooking the dumplings,
I'm guessing maybe 10 min.
Peeking won't hurt these at all.
I kind of judge by the size,
When they are about double in size
I pull one out to taste.

That's the only way I know to tell when they are done. . .

Good luck,, I hope you like them!


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Yeah, the whole meal, including the kielbasa, was a salt vinegar fest and did not set well on our stomaches! How, pray tell, did your grandma make the blackberry dumplings? Were the berries folded into the batter or was it a sweet dumpling with a blackberry sauce? I make a blackberry cobbler that sort of cooks in a sugar syrup you pour over it before baking, boy is that yum. But I hardly ever make it because it molds on me before I can eat it up. Like I said in another thread, BF and I just cannot eat all these rich goodies, unfortunately! But I would like to treat him occasionally. But it's hard to pull off something that takes lots of practice if you only get to make it occasionally. Sometimes I sure wish I had a passel of family to cook for!

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Thanks again Rusty for the dumpling recipe! I made the last of the sausage, sauerkraut, dumpling meal last night using your recipe. It was yum! Plus roasted asparagus.

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Wow, Lpink!
You just made my day!
No one has ever commented before on a recipe I'd posted.
Glad you liked them!
That looks so good, and so tempting!

I've never tried dumplings with sauerkraut before.
But I will!


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Now if I can just get Annie to give me her grandma's blackberry dumpling recipe! :)

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