Help with afghan

Seedlady_OHJuly 21, 2004

Hello everyone! I am new to this cross stitch forum. I am usually in the gardening section but am also a big cross stitcher!!! I didn't know gardenweb had a cross stitch board or would have been here sooner!!

I have been cross stitching for years and have done alot of hard pictures but I recently saw an afghan I fell in love with and bought the material and pattern. I have never worked with afghan material before and was wondering what something on the pattern means. It says to cross stitch over 1 thread. I have never heard thsis before and am not sure what it means. Does it mean to do a normal cross stitch?? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I want to get started on this afghan. It is of cats and kittens with flowers. The picture of it is gorguous!!!!! I also do not understand how they say to do the fringing to finish it.

Thanks so my for any help!!!!!!! Have a great day!!!

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Yes it is pretty much a normal stitch like on aida cloth count over 1 hole and up 1 hole and put the needle down through. If you stitch on linen the threads are closer together so alot is done over 2 threads count over 2 holes and up 2 holes and put the needle down through the fabric. Hope this helps.


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Thanks Gloria!!!!!!! I figured that might be the way but wanted to make sure. This is such a pretty afghan I didn't want to screw it up!!!!!!! LOL!! When I get it done I will still need help on how to do fringe on it but will work on that problem later! I will attempt to post a picture of it when I am done. I have never posted a picture on here yet so will have to figure that out too. Thanks for the help!!!!!!! Have a great day!!!!!!

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Hi! I have made one of the afghans with fringe, so when you get there, I may be able to help!

Happy stitching!

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Thanks msmeow!!!! It will be a bit before I am ready as I just started it. I hoping to have it done by sept but depends on how it goes. Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great weekend!!!

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