My Mosaic Chop Shop!!

kudzukweenMay 16, 2009

Here are some roses and other blossoms, and some birds and cup handles, broken off of broken china and trinket boxes and figurines! Still working on that tea set....I've been lazy!


Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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That's a great tray full of goodies!! Never see things like that out here. I think some people have a deal with thrift shops to get to pick over things 1st. Only time we get good stuff is when a shop is new. Then by time it is about 2 yr old all the good glassware disappears. Antique dealers probably find it easy way to stock their shops & then they don't have to go looking. Probably pay more than the TS could get so is a win win for both parties. Have fun with all that & can't wait to see what you make!! Jan

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I'm sorry but I had to laugh at you telling about that movie...Do you sleep ok at

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Thats one craft I have never tried, atleast with real glass, cant wait to see your finished project!

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lol, Leveta....that's a true story :D You just can't make that stuff up! Hoss and I, and my daughter, always keep our eyes open for the many Elvis' we spot at WalMart...(umm, Elvi??) funny the Elvises we see always seem to be about 70 years old and have That Haircut and Sideburns, and Those Sunglasses and mingle with us commoners at The WalMart! Ya'll gotta know we live in a Little Las Vegas with all the casinos, and they DO have Elvis impersonators. I can't believe I never heard of that movie before, though.
I glued some broken china down, and that's about it. I'll take a photo of it and post it on my blog.

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I have CHOP ENVY .....

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