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sandy_in_iaMay 14, 2009

Hi...I lurk here for ideas once in a while....I am usually found at the Kitchen Table. I thought I would share this with you....can be used in so many ways!

My DD is getting married on October 31. We are having a candy buffet...because it is Halloween....because there are going to be a ton of kids there....because I wanna!!! LOL

Anyway...this is one of my projects that we are going to use on the candy buffet. I will write the name of the candy on them...and some fun little things too.

You can buy a little can of chalkboard paint for about $8, and it goes a LONG way! Some terra cotta pots...wal-lah! I have made 6 of the smaller ones and the one large one. I am going to use it for other things too...but this is one that I have done. It is really great to work with, and yes, it is just like a blackboard!

We have a public building in our town, and on one wall of the bathroom they have it painted with. There are alot of open house type things at this building, and it is always fun to see what is on the wall of the bathroom! (I know...small town, easily amused!)

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OH Sandy, Those are soooooo cute!!! What a great idea.
My daughter is getting married in August and we are doing the candy buffet too.

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I love that ideal....Thank You...

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