Adhesive removal from plastic hoop?

pegs68July 20, 2005

Hi all:

I purchased a plastic hoop this weekend to use for a cross stitch piece. I just removed the label off the hoop and there is a lot of the label adhesive residue left on the hoop. I tried washing it off with warm water and dish soap but it's not getting it off. I even tried scratching it off with my nails, but no luck.

Does anyone know how to get this stuff off? I don't want to use it on my piece since I don't want the residue to get on my fabric.



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Maybe that stuff called goo be gone, I have seen it at the drugstore I think. For future reference next time try un-do to take the whole label off. It really works wonders and gets it off with no residue left behind. You can get it at Walmart I think drugstores and maybe even Joanne's.

Here is a link that might be useful: un-do

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I use a blow dryer to warm and soften the glue before trying to peel labels or price stickers. It works really well.
You might give it a try on that gluey spot. You'll probably be able to get it off with your fingernails after it is warmed.
Good luck.

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Thank you, thank you! Since I didn't want to head out to Walmart tonight, I decided to try the blowdryer. It worked perfectly! Now I can start on my piece tomorrow.

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You're welcome :) Glad it worked.

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