Painted Chair

mjowestMay 28, 2010

I found this chair for one dollar (!) at the Goodwill warehouse- it's decent in sturdiness-

I spray painted it green- I am painting challenged!

It needs more-


I am either going to:

Use it as display in my craft booth, or sell it in the booth, remove the canvas center, and put a large pot in the center,

or leave as is.

Ideas and suggestions, Please??

Here is a link that might be useful:

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what about decals? I'm painting challenged too! LOL Or sponge paint it with a cream color or several other colors. It's a sweet chair, I hope you find your inspiration!

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Great deal for a $1, you did a nice job of painting it so looks good as is. But you could do any of things you suggested, would look wonderful with old linens on it for display, don't know what you have in your booth,afghans on it or baby blankets, if you want it for a pot of plants might be nice to sponge just the back slats with cream to give little contrast to all the green or have color in the plant pot! Have fun! Jan

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Is the seat solid enough to sit in? Get some decorative cushions and you won't need anything else. Or just place a potting plant in/on the seat for looks.

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It's a great chair! Keep the canvas strips if they're in working condition, you'll sell it quicker :D

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I would leave the seat in and make a patchwork cushion for it. "less is more".
But if you feel that you have to do more, you can decoupage pictures and/or buy Wallies from Michaels. These are various decorations such as cows, flowers, etc. that you can apply to the chair and finish over with a sealant.
There's a great book called "The Painted Chair" that has a lot of ideas.

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