how to preserve flowers

goldyMay 11, 2011

HOW DO YOU WAX FLOWERS? would drying be much easier?

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I have never eard of waxing floweers.
I used to dry them in a mixture of borax and something else. Between the pages of old phone books works well too if you want flat.

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I've never waxed flowers, but if you want to preserve them for a LONG time, I think drying them is probably the best. I've had a rosebud that was on an arrangement at my baby's funeral back in 1984. I have the roses that my daughter and her family brought me last year on Mother's Day and I'm in the process of drying the ones they sent me this year.

I've found it better to dry roses before they completely bloom. I just take them out of the water/vase, put them all together and hang them upside down for a few weeks. Then, I spray them with Krylon Acrylic Sealer. That's it!

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I waxed some roses years ago and just now found another site that gives pretty good instructions... I don't remember how long it lasted - I seem to remember my dog playing with it - It does NOT do well as a dog toy...

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You can preserve the fresh beauty of flowers for years in their natural vivid colors without a great deal of work or expense

Here is a link that might be useful: flower roses

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Nicol...Looked forward to seing what process you were talking about... Imagine my surprise when it was to a floower site - a site SELLING flowers... I am shocked... go away...

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