Where can I get bottlecaps?

adellabedella_usaMay 15, 2007

Does Hobby Lobby or Michaels sell them?

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The only places I've seen them are at an antique store and on-line.

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I would take a look in your local bar. They usually serve the bottles and you could probably get them for free.


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most people use the uncrimped bottlecaps for craft, I got mine at the state store or try anywhere that sells beer makeing supplies, I read that you can buy them on e-bay, also hobby lobby or check out this site they have colored ones.

what are you going to make with these ? I have quite a few left and have ran out of ideas.

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I went to Hobby Lobby today and decided I didn't want them as bad as I thought I did. They do sell them in the scrapbook section. I had planned on using them to make lockets or pretend pocket watches for my ds #1's school group. They are having a pirate theme and I'm helping with trinkets. I brainstormed a bunch of ideas after I posted this. I came up with ideas that I liked better.

Here is the link to a locket I found. Instead of the felt hinge, I was going to add a loop of wire to connect the two bottle caps. I was going to fashion another type of clasp to keep it closed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bottle Cap Locket

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If you know anyone that drinks beer, just ask them to get it in a bottle for a bit and you'll get quite a few! DH only drinks beer every once in awhile (mostly in the summer) and he prefers it in a bottle. I collect the caps just to fill a jar in the kitchen (one day they'll be old! LOL). I just used 24 the other day to make checkers for a checkerboard I made :)

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