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sharon159May 11, 2007

I saw at a craft show they were selling floral pens in a bunch in a pail with sand in it. The pens were covered with either fabric or paper, and a large flower was glued to the top of the pen. Anyone know how they are made? Thanks

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You can use the Bic type pens, remove the top stopper, cut a flower with a short stem, insert and glue the stem in the top of the pen. Use floral tape to wrap the pen to look like a stem. I have made them also by cuttng a slightly longer stem on the flower and just taping it to the side of the pen.


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Some pens work better than other - some are really hard to get the tops out. I use the white Bic pens - the kind that come in a bag. I actually cut the blue end off with a razor blade. The tops used to come out easier, but the newer pens seem to be made better.

I buy an inexpensive bunch of silk flowers that go good with the pen size. I like to get the spring mix type - so different flowers all on one bunch. I get them at Wal-Mart.

I pull the flower from the stem, put a small dab of hot glue in the end of the pen and glue the flower in. Then I start at the base of the flower and wrap green floral tape all the way to the end of the pen - just the white part covered.

If you have never used floral tape, it is a "tape" that gets somewhat tacky when you pull it. It isn't sticky on the back like scotch tape. When you are wrapping it around the pen, pull it slightly to stretch. This will cause it to stick to itself. It comes in white, brown, and green. I use the green on the pens. You can buy it at Wal-Mart in the floral section.

I wouldn't put the pens in sand - but I have put marbles in a small clay pot and stuck them in that.

They are very fun to make!

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I was just going to ask how the pens work with all that sand in the tips. Cute idea though !

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Here's one I got at a Bridal Shower. The wire was left long and floral taped to the side of the pen. They had them in a vase on the table to use for the games they played.

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Another idea to replace the sand - coffee beans.

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Hey thanks for everyone with your tips.. I like the idea of the coffee beans, thanks Pepcan

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