Denim and cotton rag quilt help

seejanerunMay 12, 2010

Hi, I am wanting to make a denim rag quilt but on the front I want to use both cotton and denim. As a newbie on the quilting scene I am not sure if this will work. I am planning on using flannel on the back. I am wondering if I should use a middle layer with the cotton blocks or if that would make it look odd? Any advise would be appreciated..

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well, i've made a few quilts. i'd tell you to use all "same weight" fabrics. the cotton pieces are much lighter weight than the denim, and they'd wear out faster. flannel on the back would be great. denim will be a heavier weight quilt. imagine a laundry basket of folded blue but they do make gorgeous quilts. you probably won't need a batting.
what do you mean middle layer, though? the batting? if you need a batting, go for very thin.
if you're wanting one of the nice frayed denim quilts where the seams are sewn on the outside, i'd use pinking shears to cut the denim for a neater frayed edge that will only unravel just enough.

i hope that helped more that it confused! lol

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I second the use of pinking shears. Denim frays like crazy and eventhough it looks cool it's a pain, especially when trying to get a nice straight edge that you'd need to quilt with. Good luck and I'd love to see a picture of it when you are finished!!

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she may want it to fray if she is putting the seams on the outside or top of the quilt. I wonder if you could use a double layer of the material....cotton on top of the denim and then denim on top of the matter what you use on the back...that should be a good thickness of quilt.

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