Microwave oven venting options

psu67December 2, 2009

I am about to mount a GE Advantium microwave under a wall cabinet over a range. The two venting options are through the cabinet, ceiling, attic, and out the roof; or through the internal microwave filters into the kitchen. Because this model is high-end, I'm assuming the venting capacity and ability to filter grease and odors is good. However, my assumption (right or wrong) is that venting through the roof is a more efficient solution. Given the much more difficult task of installing external venting (I would do this myself), I wonder if on balance the external venting is worth the time, effort, and cost. Any comments?

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Venting outside is always better than recirculating but even "high-end" MWs don't vent nearly as well as a hood. One of the problems is that the capture area of the MW is not as large as a hood and also MWs usually have fewer CFMs than a hood. If you do choose to vent outside, put in at least an 8" duct so that you can easily upgrade to a hood in the future (you an always use a larger duct than what a hood or MW requires).

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We have an OTR Advantium 240 which vents to the outside (through duct work that is within the soffit above the cabinetry). We have had this set-up for 9+ years.

The venting works OK, but certainly not a well as would a real venting hood.

The grease filters on the Advantium are easy to change and clean. However, they probably do only a so-so job in capturing grease, but do not capture carbon dioxide other gases. We don't cook very many greasy foods, so the filters on our Advantium have never needed replacing...just an occasional run through the dishwasher.

When an OTR Advantium is set-up to re-circulate the air, rather than venting it to the outside, you should install the optional charcoal filter. This filter is fit behind the front decorative grill at the top of the oven. The charcoal filter will not only remove some of the fine airborne particles and noxious gases, it will also significantly cut down on fan noise.

The filter is GE's Recirculating Charcoal Filter Kit JX81A which costs as low as $6 - $8 on eBay. There's one there now for only $1! (But double check the manual that came with your Advantium...there may be different charcoal filter model number for your specific Advantium.)

Even though we vent the Advantium to the outside, we have installed insulation material were the charcoal filter would be located. This lowered the fan noise a great amount.

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