Towel Origami

enjoyingspringMay 4, 2007

Has anyone ever done Towel Origami, when you go on a cruise or a resort the maids usually leave some sort of "towel origami" on your bed. I know how to make the swan, elephant, monkey, and dog. But was wondering if anyone had any others they would like to share. Have done a google search and have not come up with anything new.

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I did a search above for towel origami and several posts came up. One in particular was posted by a person whose screen name is "Origami Master" His Page says he likes to do origami and there is a button to send an email - maybe you could email him and he will get back to you. Copy and paste below site to see the Garden Web forum post--

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It might be the wrong search...Origmai means Paper Folding.

This might help...just below the napkin folding is the towel folding info.


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Check out the cruise line pages. I bought a book of towel animals from Carnival(I think it was). You might check there.

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