Suggestions for sewing this flag

Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9bMay 21, 2013

I think each stripe is 6". I think I need to purchase silk remnants.

This photo is of Lauren Hutton in a spread of Town and Country Magazine.

I'm not looking at her or what she wears. It's the flag held up by clothespins! Wow!

I have a place for that big flag. Suggestions?


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The stripes are about8-12 in long pieces of various red pieces,in different patterns.. Cotton polyester might be easier to find. Do you have the magazine, you might be able to find who made the fabrics & what they were made of. Some magazines have that somewhere in their magazines. Don't know if Town & Country does or not. otherwise could write to them & ask them. Don't know how old magazine is but you local library might have an issue. Would be lovely on a wall! Good Luck!

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Annie Deighnaugh

A number of interesting things about the flag. It combines various textures/prints in red and white. Each stripe is sewn with what may be a french seam so it doesn't ravel, but the seam is standing up. The pieces of each stripe are also sewn with that standing seam. Note too that the field of stars is not sewn in individual squares, but the squares vary in size. I suspect the stars are appliqued onto the blue background.

I suspect it's not silk, but may be a cotton or decorator fabric that has a soft hand to it. It also doesn't look to be quilted, but a single layer of fabric.

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