dark trims inspiration?

tncraftNovember 2, 2011

H and I are trying to decide between the typical white trims/baseboards/doors/etc vs dark brown trims/baseboards/doors/etc. We've only seen one house in person with dark trims.

If your house/inspiration has dark trims, please post pics/links. Thanks!

Also, what do you think of dark trims? :)

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I found the following:

Interesting. So, what do you think of combining light and dark trims? :)

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(Answered you in Kitchens, but thought I'd post here as well):

We have dark stained wood trim, doors, windows and beams. Contrasted with warm white (for the most part) walls. One bedroom, two baths, pantry, laundry and powder room are a soft green. Exercise room pale blue.

Lots of windows. Lots of light. Even with deep verandas (front, back upper and lower). Floors are hardwood for the most part on the main level (light walls and some furniture help lighten). Extra large travertine tile throughout the lower level and real travertine flooring on the main (kitchen, laundry, pantry, powder, sunroom, baths).

Dark trim and doors does not have to equal a dark home anymore than dark cabinets (which we also have in 3 baths, but wall paint and flooring choices contrast/equal it out).

We chose dark trim since we were building a new "old" cottage home, are located in the woods and used natural products (stone, cedar, etc) as much as possible (aka budget would allow).

Here is a link that might be useful: our kitchen

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Your kitchen is beautiful and I remember looking at it when I first discovered Gardenweb. I have stained trim in my family room and after years of agonizing over what color to paint the walls I've finally realized I like the pictures I see of dark trim with white walls the best. But now I am stuck trying to pick the right white. You stated you have warm white walls with your dark trim. Do you remember what color white you used?



My husband loves dark trim but I struggle with it because I find it easier to paint walls with different colors with white trim. Just something to think about.

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Wow...allison, that is an awesome kitchen.

We couldn't decide...so we have light and dark trim throughout the house. Here are some pics... From .House Pics From .House Pics From .House Pics From .House Pics From .House Pics From .House Pics From .House Pics From .House Pics From .House Pics From .House Pics

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Irishcreamgirl, thank you. After a half dozen sample spots, I went with SW Moderate White.

milz50, thank you also. Beautiful home. I like the mix of stained and painted. A more modern approach.

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irishcreamgirl... thanks for the insight. i've actually been wondering what colors would go well with dark trims.

allison... thanks for sharing the paint color you used. :)

milz... WOW! it's a beautiful home. good to see that mixing trim colors would work. i'll definitely keep visiting your pics for ideas. i was wondering how a beadboard paneling would work; glad to see your mudroom with it which looks great. :)

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What color stain did you use on your wood and what are your wood floors?


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Your house is drop dead gorgeous. The gray looks beautiful with your dark stain. Unfortunately mine is a warmer stain and I'm not sure gray would work with it.

Did you use the same gray throught the house? I'm looking for a gray for my dining room and love the gray in the room with the wainscoting.


good luck with your selections. If you decide on stained trim you have two gorgeous examples to inspire you.

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bb19...The floors are walnut with a tung oil finish

irish...the trim colors are benjamin moore colors:

ivory white (all painted trim except bed/bath & office)
frappe (bedroom and master bath)
fairview taupe (office with wainscot)

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