paintgirl2008May 27, 2008

These are pics of birdhouses my husband made and I decorated.

We did this for awhile, but he is disabled now and doesn't do woodworking any more.The bluebirds are made of polymer clay.

I still love my birdhouses and have them inside and outside.

Since he doesn't do this any more, these are one-of-a-kind!

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Cute ! I have birdhouses all over our place. One is one that one of my daughters made from scrap pieces about five years ago and it is really a "Falling Apart " mess right now, so I made a small sign to hang on it that reads "Comdemned by the State Of Minnesota" Everyone thinks it's pretty cute !

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Those r nicely done, Paintgirl. I like the second one best with the bird. You made your own bird, how special is that. It's so cute. Treasure these forever if they are the last ones u will makee.

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Thank you ladies for the nice compliments and you should post pictures of yours!! We have bluebird houses in our back yard and love to watch them. They are very territorial and "dive bomb" all that come near.I love looking and reading this forum, I sometimes post in decorative painting forum . Many nice, talented people on here!And I have seen many crafts that i would like to try-love crafting and painting!

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Paintgirl, nice job on the birdhouses. So sorry your DH is no longer able to do woodworking projects, he was very good at them. Your little bluebirds are so precious. You did a great job painting those eyes. Very sweet. Thanks for sharing with us. Luvs

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