wanted - medieval cloister 'the kiss of the sun' design

jamiamJuly 8, 2008

Hi all - I was organizing my patterns over the weekend, and came across the design chart for this piece. But I don't have the color code!!!

This is NOT the design that can be found on line currently, unfortunately. This one has flowers and small animals around the outside like a medieval tapestry (think Unicorn tapestries) and the poem, "The Kiss of the sun for warmth, the song of a bird for mirth, one is nearer God's heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth" stiched above and below a cloister design.

I am thinking it might have come from Cross Stitch and Country Designs or maybe another magazine (boy, do I miss that magazine, none of the newer ones seem to have the wealth of really good patterns that one did).

Does anyone remember such a design? Do any of you have the design, or have any ideas where I can find it? I don't know who the designed is.

Thanks for any help!!

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