hanger for heavy ornament? decorative screw eyes?

wilsonkayeMay 14, 2014

I am making button and bead ornaments by pinning/gluing buttons and beads to a 3" styrofoam ball. These can become quite heavy by the time I'm through so I've gone to using 2 screw eyes and running a chain through them to enable the ornament to be hung.

But it's not a very attractive solution. I'm about to make a wedding ornament and really need either some decorative screw eyes (googled it, found nothing) or another idea for hanging hardware.

Can anybody help?


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Is there some way to run a rod through the styrofoam ball and have a disk on one end so it doesn't slip back out. Then on the other end would be the loop for a ribbon to hang it. Does that make sense?

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I get the basic idea but not sure how to construct it especially to get the disc to stay on.

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You are using buttons so a fairly large button with a loop on back with a wire through the loop & twisted so button will be on bottom (& pushed into ball a little so nothing shows but the button(looks like glued on button)& wire will go through the ball & out the top & make a small loop or hook with the wire- use colored florist wire 16 or 18 gauge should hold the weight Attach ribbon to loop or hook on top & it will be almost invisible ! Jan

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I LOVE that idea! I knew somebody here could help me!

Just got some 16 gauge wire at Hobby Lobby but changed my mind abt the color so I'll exchange it tomorrow. But it seems stiff enough that I'll just be able to push it down thru the styrofoam ball. Is that what you had in mind?

And does this board have a way to mark a particular post as the solution? Sherry

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I would put the button on the wire 1st &twist it & run that through up to the top otherwise you are going to have trouble getting it in tight so it isn't noticeable that a wire is connected to the button. Then whatever is coming out the top you can form hook or loop & cut rest off very easily. Working from top to bottom good chance you couldn't get that button up tight against the ball. You want that twisted wire hidden up inside the ball so nothing shows but the flat part of button with other buttons & beads around it. I did a cone shaped tree couple of years ago with antique buttons & wired them all on so it wouldn't damaged any value they might have & so easier to redo it if it "aged & I no longer liked it" The bottom button with shank back will act like a disk & the button helps keep wire from pulling out top as it would have to make hole size of the button.(So could hold some weight) I'd love to see the finished 1 you have. For a wedding you could use white wire & brides colors for top ribbon holder or all white would be stunning. I can see an outdoor wedding with 1 hanging down front center of arbor covered with greenery & white "centerpiece" hanging down over B&G.My tree is over a pound so they are heavy but mine is 12 in. high & about 6 in. wide. 3 in. ball shouldn't be too heavy! Jan

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Good idea abt starting from the bottom. I am thinking of 1 variation. What would you think of forming the wire into a very narrow U shape then threading on the button until it is in the bottom of the U then pushing the whole thing thru from bottom to top. It would mean you're pushing both sides of the U thru as opposed to just 1 wire but I kinda like having 2 wires in there - seems more stable.

I actually won't be making another wedding ornament anytime soon bcs as I was waiting for responses to my post and we were going back and forth, I made 2 wedding ones - 1 ivory and 1 white/off white. To make it light, I used more buttons and fewer beads, thereby depleting my supply of wedding-worthy buttons.

But I'll use your idea for my fall button and bead ornaments that I'll be starting on pretty soon.

Just now saw that there is a way to upload a photo. As soon as I make some pics of the 2 I made, I'll post them.


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I had a long answer & It disappeared. With 2 wires through the ball it may "chew up the foam some" or not come out where you think it will. If you make a U with just 1 inch on 1 side & put it through shank & then carefully twist it about the shank & cut off any extra of the inch part & run wire through to top it should work fine being sure to push shank into ball so bottom button is flush with bottom of ball. You can try the 2 wire thing but you will find they don't come out where you want them. I just got 2 large foam Easter eggs & will try 1 with 1 wire. I will use the thinner part for bottom so more of teardrop look. 37cents for both still in pkg. at TS. Hope it rains so I can work inside. Am painting fence supports & lot of stuff outside before it gets too hot. I use plain buttons sometimes & use a U wire & add a smaller button on top as it gives more color & interest to my tree. Will probably do that on the shape I have as I used my best buttons on my tree Could thread a bead on top of a button too. I used broken earrings or jewelry bits on my tree too. I can take some pics of my tree but my DD would have to get it on here. Hard to get her over here tho. She is very busy.Jan

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Sorry for the delay - been doing other things. I think I will try it both ways as I have plenty of styrofoam balls. A friend got me a box of 30+ at a yard sale for $2!!

Here's a pic of my wedding ornament. Will upload more than 1 if it will let me.

Thanks for all the help!

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That is SO beautiful!

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Thank you so much.

BTW, I tried the wire and button with an ornament I made yesterday and it worked great!

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That ornament is beautiful! Glad it worked with wire & button. TFS Jan

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