clear gummy adhesive?

gininmnMay 8, 2009

It is often used to attach a coin or other object to a card or paper in many gimme letters. It is clear, rubbery, can be peeled off and is nonstaining. Anyone know what it's called and where I could buy some? I'd like to try it to stablize some small objects on a shelf that is subject to some vibration when a nearby door is slammed shut.

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I know what your talking about. I think they may be call glue dots. I believe Hobby Lobby may carrie them. I would think any craft place would...

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I use glue dots too. But they are not as strong as the Industrial weight kind. I think I bought some at Office supply store one time.

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I got some at Michaels and they work great. Just what I wanted. Thank you, leveta and susiewantsroses for answering.

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