Picking Mortar Joints Style for New brick house?

Central79November 14, 2012

Does anyone know if there are any differences or negative or positives between a "Concave" and a "Grapevine" brick mortar style of joint. We have seen both. Is it just a matter of preference? of is one better for a certain size or style of brick? Any difference with water tightness or structural strength, etc.?

We are building new brick house in NC and will be using Oversize red brick. Thanks!

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A concave steel tooled joint is the most weather resistive. A grapevine joint is a flush joint with a narrow decorative groove in it from a small ridge in the middle of the steel jointer tool. Both are more weather resistive than recessed or raked joints because the mortar is pressed and tooled tight to the edges of the brick.

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I wish I would have known this before our house was built as we chose the wrong mortar joints.

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Thanks Renovator8. Talked with our GC and his Mason and they typically use grapevine for the "look" with our brick and agreed that it was weather resistant. Grapevine it is.

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