Two Craft Fairs in two weeks

grandma_bonnieMay 30, 2008

Next week-end is a Baby/Child Fair and the following week-end is a Fiesta at a mission at Fort Hunter Ligget - I'll sell a bunch of neck coolers if it is hot...

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Great, I hope your sales go well. Here's hoping for hot weather while you're selling!!! I wish there were more summer craft fairs around here but there aren't any till fall time.


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Good luck Grandma Bonnie - I have one this coming weekend, the 7th & 8th - an outdoor garden fair - all garden related things. I am excited but nervous as I have never done summer shows before - lots of fall ones usually. Have made all new things for this one! Then there's the dilemna of how to price things - having never sold any of these items before! The worst part!


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One thing to remember, Arlene is you can always come down, but you can't raise your priceds. Have you looked online to see what others are getting for the same thing? Do you have a really cheap neighbor? I do and I run thing thru her to see if my prices are close. Good luck to ya and remember to have fun!

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grandma_bonnie - how much do you charge for your neck coolers? and are they ready to use?

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I sell the neck coolers for $5.00 and when I have a show or at the Farmer's Market, I have quite a few ready to go. They buy both - mostly they buy the ones that are dry ( you have to soak them for 40 minutes the first time you use them) I only put two teaspoons of the crystals in each cooler and I always get asked if I will put the "gel" in them. I gave one to a postal worker and she came back to ask me to give her another one - she never read the directions to soak it... I know that Wal-Mart sells them for $4.00 but they are not as large as mine and do not even last for a month... and I know sporting goods stores that charge $15 for them... I am going down tomorrow morning to see the owner of a health club who wants me to make some with their logo on it for them to sell in their four clubs... Keep your fingers crossed for me... I want to trade her a membership for coolers...

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Grandma Bonnie how did your meeting with the Health Club go? Are you going to sew some up for the club? My fingers have been crossed for you.....Di

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The owner liked them - she sent me to the gal in charge of the pro shop and I had to
oleave a message and NOTHING!!! I was very sick that next week so will try again to reach the gal again - plus leave a new one (COOLER) for the owner to use. >

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