have any of you seen this web site?

huggybear_2008May 12, 2009

the web site is www.thisyounghouse.com/how-to

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That was a neat site, Huggybear, thanks for sharing it with us. I bookmarked it so I can go look around some more. Luvs

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Check out the wedding they had in their backyard!!! So much fun!

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grandmabonnie, did you see her wedding dress that she dyed .. she wanted it black, but because of the threads in the dress it turned out a pretty silver grey.. they have really done some neat things.. I am going to make the compost bin.. some of the other things they have done.. I am going to send you a e-mail grandmabonnie, I have a new venture and I want you to tell me what you think, and also when I get some I will send you one and I want you to try it.. it really is awesome...sorry to be so hush up about it.. but I want to get all the details before I share with others.. and it may be something you could do at your flea market..

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OH MY, What a wonderful site. My daughter is planning an outdoor wedding in August. Lot's of other great things on this site. Great home improvement how to's. Thanks so much for sharing this site.

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