Hairbow display cards

thelmaleeMay 21, 2009

What do you display your hairbows on. I would like to have some cards that are at least 4" by 5" and look nice. I have not been able to print close enough to the edges to get information below the bow and look nice. I do use card stock to make cards. Do any of you have a source to get preprinted cards in that size. I found some plain ones on Ebay but they were 2X3. I appreciate any information.


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I have used a program called American Greeting #3 and you can use a postcard that is printed 4 to a page. You can take your words right to the edge of the paper. I have used other American Greeting card programs, but the #3 is the easiest to use. It is what you see is what you get. I have used the same program to make candy wrappers of all size using either a post card or label. There are beautiful pictures in it and you can even import pictures if you want. Hope this helps

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Thank you. I have an American Greeting program but not sure what number. I wonder if you can print post cards with print shop.


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Never tried print shop. I have other American Greeting card programs, I think 4 and 7, but they aren't as easy to use as #3. It is one of the easiest programs I have found. I use it for almost everything. I have done cookbooks, placecards for tables, candy wrappers, name badges and many other items. You could try print shop and use a post card, if it lets you print 4 at a time, unless you want them bigger.

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