Gas range suggestions

Kristen HallockDecember 13, 2011

I really really want a Wolf 36" all gas range with 6 burners. However, I dont think DH will end up letting me splurge on that when the time comes to remodel our kitchen. What are other brands that are good all-gas ranges? I would still want the 36" with all burners, not a griddle or grill.

DH keeps mentioning other ranges but they are restaurant style ones and although they are all stainless, I cant imagine they can be that great if they are only like $1500.

The Wolf I think is at least $5500 where I am and that is before sales tax. So what are some cheaper alternatives?

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I've always thought Bertazzoni made one gorgeous looking range -

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Hi Khallock,

We share the same taste. I recently decided on the Wolf 36" Ag Range with the help of some GWers. What is it about the AG that draws you?

I can tell you that the current model will be discontinued next year, with a redesign in store to make it look almost exactly like the DF, down to the sealed burners, from what my sales guy tells me.

I wonder if this could possibly lead to you getting some kind of leftover inventory discount?

Or maybe DH will take pity and let you spend the $$ b/c your opportunity to get the current/classic Wolf AG is limited!!

I'd have to second the Bertazzoni suggestion (it looks so cool and Berta owners are very happy!!), an AG Thermador Pro Harmony is prob a little less expensive (not Pro Grand).

Do you have a wall oven? Just wondering if you could consider a cooktop rather than a range...

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The "N" word in 3, 2... Sorry, Nunya, I couldn't resist.

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Sorry for the inside joke, khallock. But you should be seeing a recommendation for the NXR soon. I don't own one, so I can't comment.

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Kristen Hallock

Right now I have the original appliances in my house which was built in 1992. It has a JennAir wall oven and a Jennair electric cooktop with a downdraft thingy between the 4 burners.

I prefer a range. I miss cooking on gas. I like to be able to cook with a wok. I want 6 burners because it seems like at times (like holidays) 4 isnt really enough. I already have natural gas in my house for my clothes dryer and hot water heater so I figured getting an AG range wasnt going to be that big of a deal.

I am not a big baker. So the oven part isnt as important to me. I dislike the cooktop in the middle of the island arrangement that I have now. If I move the range to the wall where my oven is now, I can vent it directly outside.

I mostly loved the Wolf for the look. But at about $6000 it is a big chunk of change.

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Let me beat Nunya to it for once :)

For $3K delivered I got the NXR 36-inch six-burner stove with exactly the same (wonderful) dual-stacked burners as the Wolf.
Worth a look.

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Well at least people agree.
For the price nothing beats the NXR.
You wont get a better 36" stove for $3000.
Has the exact same burners as the Wolf.
If price is a concern the NXR is the stove to look at.

I would assume the restaurant range for $1500 is probably an American Range.
They have kinda nice burners, super heavy cast iron but would be a pain in the butt to clean and from what I can tell it looks like the outside of the oven door would probably be about as hot as the inside.
Most likely would get branded a few times.
They do make a residential model but it is about $6000.

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Kristen Hallock

Yeah, I think my DH will only be satisfied if he goes to the commercial store and has someone tell him its not a good idea to put a range like that in a house. Especially since we have 2 small children. I dont want anyone burned!

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Just in the interest of full disclosure: my NXR does get very hot when I bake. Not sure if that's because I replaced the standard vent in the back with the "island trim", or for some other reason, but if you have 2 small children it's something to be aware of.
Nunya's 30-inch older model does not have this issue, and I haven't heard any other owners mention it, but as I said - full disclosure...

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A "restaurant range for $1500" tells me it might very well be an actual commercial unit in which case you, for all intents and purposes, couldn't install it in a residential setting.

Depressing to see how a 48" "commercial style" residential range costs $10G while a real 48" commercial range costs $2,500. Yes, there are some reasons for this but it's still depressing.


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The Reason is "The Wolf Flag", Every manufacturer is Saluting it now. What Flag, you say? The one with the HUGE $'s on it , in place of Stars!

Note how little difference between the Wolf, The CC and the BS for similar size ranges.

What would be interesting would be to compare prices of Induction Ranges to Gas Ranges.

Induction will boil faster,control the heat better (you don't hafta peak at the burner)
Stay cooler--doors, total range, kitchen etc etc.
Cleanup, No contest, Induction winds "Hands Down"!!!

I think as Induction ranges get more and more popular, the makers of Expensive Gas Ranges are in for a "Reality Check".

As part of my former business, I purchased and used many gas regulators,(very fancy ones),temp controllers that did better that <.1 degree and other gas associated parts. they are not that expensive so the parts in ranges certainly accounting for huge prices of these ranges----so what is antss it yachts>Gary

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Correct our 30" standard NXR is actually as cool as a cucumber on the outside, oven door etc.
Are you saying the "door" gets hot? or the vent up top or both?

I can't imagine what the Island trim would have to do with that, but I don't know.
I know ours is amazingly cool after cooking for hours and hours.

We had a contractor in our house today giving us a quote to do some work and he noticed the NXR and said it looked great and that he had never seen one before.
Said he had installed 100s of stoves, so I asked him to look it over and tell me what he thought.
He opened the door, turned it on, checked it out, saw the infrared broiler etc.
He said it looked damn nice to him.
I asked him what he thought it cost, he immediately said at least $3000, probably closer to $4000.
I said $1799.00 total.

He said "Your Lying", no way you got this for that price.

He was very impressed and said if any costumer was looking for a stove for under $3000 he would strongly recommend it.

I think people looking a good stove at a fair price and not just a name tag would not be disappointed.

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The door and the front of the stove get hot.

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That don't sound right, you might have a bad seal or something.
Ours is cool to the touch, not even warm.
The door is very well insulated.

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Try turning it on, people have gotten burns from that door.

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Khallock: tell DH to not be so cheap :). Lol. Kidding of course (sort of...if you think you could get away with it then go for it). Wolf is a good brand.

Lol@jscout that was hilarious

I do agree with nunya tho, if price is important look at nxr. OR if you are Canadian or live near the border or have some Canadian friends that can help you out look into the Bluestar RCS at costco, wow what a deal! They have 30" for aprox 2k and 36" for aprox 3k

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Hi noobie about to spec out a custom home here.
So we want best bang for the buck since every $ counts in a custom home.

The NXR looks intriguing but if it acts like a commercial grade range stove but also isn't made safe for the home then we would take note!

The search box isn't optimized like google ;)

Can some1 post links to the NXR hot door issue? Thanks!

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We were just shopping for a 36" 6-burner range earlier this year. We wanted sealed burners, which for Wolf meant their DF model and way too much $$$.

We went with Viking, but it's not installed yet so I can't give you any direct feedback. The surface area of the range top was greater with the Viking than most others, while the gaps in the grates were smaller than most. My wife liked the flexibility for shifting around pots/pans.

I was a fan of the various Thermadors, but the wife not so much.
The BlueStar grates can flip over to hold a wok, BTW if you didn't know.

I think DCS is at a decent price point too, but I have NOT done any research on their quality since that was never a consideration for us. Likewise with Capital.

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There is no NXR hot door issue.
Ours is literally barely warm to the touch after the oven being on over 400 degrees for hours.

The ONLY place that gets hot on ours is the little slot at the bottom of the door, between the door and the bottom kick plate and even then only if you stick your finger back into the slot.
The other place that gets hot with the oven on is the vent at the rear of the stove, mainly just the right hand side for about 6-8" from the end.

The glass and the whole door is barely warm at all.

If price is a consideration then nothing beats the NXR for the money.
It is well made out of quality parts from all over.
Exact same burners as a Wolf, Hinges from Italy, several internal parts from the US.

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OMG.... I have been looking at the BlueStar b/c I like the wolf look but can not afford it. The BlueStar is still coming in at $5871.00...which I was hoping for something more around $3,000.00. So when I read this post and google NXR... for a 36" NXR at Costco...
NXR 36" Stainless Steel Professional Style Gas Range
5.2 Cubic Foot Oven, Includes Heavy-duty Cast-iron Cooking Grates
Item # 644890 $2999.00. I am going to check it out! Thanks everyone!!!!!!!

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If you can buy an NXR at Costco then go for it immediately.
There is no way you will find a better stove for the price or a better place to buy it from.

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