Looking for these patterns

wynativeJune 15, 2006

I am looking for these patterns:

Flowers and Lace

Wild Flower Trio

Sweetharts' Gate

Oriental Splendor II

Garden Friends - birds, baskets and water can

A Cozy Shelter

Lake View - garden

Through a Father's Eye's

Cowboy Cat's

Cowboy Tools of the Trade

Prairy Windmill

Source of Strength

Feasting Frenzy

Backyard Beauties

Garden Cats - Pansy's & Sunflowers

Knit Chick's

Kats by Kelly - all

Celtic Gilt Sun

Shore Patrol - fox

Barnyard Beauty

Wildlife for bell pull

I have lots of patterns, will make copies and mail trade for wants, please ask. I will try to make up a list in the next couple of days to post.

I know that I have:

Chair with Flowers

Dolly Mama - Big Girl Panties & Who are these Kids?

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COPYS ARE ILLEGAL! You can not make and give away or sell copies. Most designer allow one working copy provided you have the original in your posession and that when the original is traded, you must either give the working copy with it or destroy it. I can't help notice that you are using a Wyoming state official email address from your job. It would be a shame if someone reported you to an official in you state about this.

feel free to flame away at me. I have me fire proof undies on.

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Well, I am a fast learner if nothing else. I only need to be ripped apart once....


Best of luck to the rest of you, though.

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I love the way people can find there way here to ask for free charts, but when it is explained that they can't do copies they get all bent out of shape. I have been here for a long time and I enjoy my friends here. I just don't want it to get shut down due to things like that. Like I said, feel free to email me via my page. It is not hard to find.

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Oh brother....you people who don't like the posts just need to ignore those ones...OR....find something better to do with your time!!!!

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