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mailfox7December 12, 2013

Why does a gas wall oven have to be 17 in. above ground?

I have an under the counter electric oven I would love to replace with gas. I have the gas hookup. Used to have a gas wall oven here. Is there a not enough insulation? Is there a way around it?

Thanks for your expertise.

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Might help if at least part of your question was in the topic itself

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Where did you get the 17" number from? Is it your local code or is it in the spec for a specific brand oven or all the ovens you've looked at. If it's code, then there's probably no way around it. If it's from the spec of a particular oven, you might be able to find another oven that doesn't have that requirement although gas ovens are few and far between. Another option would be to put in a gas range but that would most likely require counter modification.

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