ISO an idea for using men's neckties in some way.

sue_vaMay 28, 2008

I'm not a crafter, and this is first time I have visited this site. You all have some fantastic creations!

My neighbor is a crafter, more with paper type items, stencils,etc. She is looking for ways to use men's neckties for some type of craft.

Any suggestions?



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Here's an angel from a necktie.

Here is a link that might be useful: tie angel

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I'm sure she will like the angel. I'll print this off for her.

Any body else have suggestions? She said she has a lot of ties.


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Hi:) In the 70's I remember making a skirt from ties. Also I've seen some beautiful quilts made from them, setting them into a fan or sunflower type pattern. I saw that angel and think it's just so sweet and plan on trying that :)

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Embellish a throw pillow, (fanning them out in the corner of the pillow), cover a styrofoam ball to make an ornament, make placemats, vests. Of course, if any of these items are going to be washed, wash and dry your ties before you make something with them.

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Looks like a mother lode here! That should keep her busy!

I'll send this whole thread to her instead of printing it off. She isn't a computer person, but her DH will show it to her.

Thanks heaps.


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This Easter I found a site which use SILK ties to wrap un-cooked eggs, then I wrapped all in a piece of a sheet and used a twist tie to hold the ends.... and boiled the eggs in water with a little vinegar.
when they were dried, I unwrapped and had the most beautiful colored Easter eggs.
Must be silk though. Poly does not work.
tie pieces can be used a few times.
tomorrow, check out hgtv boards and click on holiday crafts. (the site is down today for maintenance)

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