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smaloneyDecember 8, 2012

My ancient gas range died yesterday and I have to get a replacement ordered this weekend. The back story is that my kitchen is pre-remodel, mostly because it's the most problematic space in history and I've spent a year and a half thinking about what can be done about it. Something will be done about it this spring (we're on the East Coast and my husband won't contemplate any major work during cold weather!) While I would have preferred to wait until the remodel to make appliance decisions, a gas leak yesterday (and some other upcoming stuff, including a kid having surgery next week) is now forcing me to make a rapid-fire decision. The kitchen is currently a narrow galley that is also a traffic route from the front of the house to the living and dining rooms. While I hope that I will be able to improve the layout, I'm not sure how possible that will be - we're on a slab and the room is bounded by utilities and load-bearing walls, and every contractor I've had in here just shakes their head and says there aren't a lot of really good options.

So with all that background, can anyone offer quick feedback pro or con on the GE Cafe double oven gas range (CGS990SETSS)? I've been eyeing this for a long time and it would suit my current predicament since it is a freestanding range with a slide-in look. (The ancient range is located next to a wall at the moment, which rules out any "real" slide-ins. The wall and/or the placement will definitely change in the remodel, but that can't happen in the next two weeks.) I'd prefer the least deep 30" range I could find, which looks to be the Bertazzoni, but there was recently a review by someone with a lovely kitchen here that has persuaded me that is not a good alternative. Any other issues with the GE and/or alternatives to consider? I've read a lot of reviews, with mostly pros and some cons, but would love any feedback from the real experts here. I've cross-posted on the kitchen forum as well and would be grateful for any advice in the next few days! Thank you in advance!

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The mother-in-law installed GE Cafe as part of her kitchen remodel 3 years ago. Gas range, OTR microwave, and 'fridge. The 'fridge died after 20 months and GE was kind enough to replace it for $700. Last month the $650 control board on the microwave went (GE isn't willing to do anything about that). So far the range has been trouble free.

Personally, I wouldn't buy a GE appliance again.

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GE's oven/ranges are highly rated and have very respectable reviews. Owners of the model you are interested in seem to be quite satisfied with their purchase.

http://products.geappliances.com/ApplProducts/Dispatcher?REQUEST=SpecPage&Sku=CGS990SETSS (Review / Q&A tab)

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