Finishing edges

Nixie13June 25, 2004

I need some help, I started in the wrong place on a project, I don't have enough room to frame it so I was wondering if anyone knows a way to attratively finish edges on a project, i don't have a sewing machine or a serger. Please help.


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Some of my projects I put on a sticky board. (you can get these at most craft stores) You don't need much of an edge because the glue on the board keeps it from fraying and you can have a mat cut any size to hide the edges in the front. Hope this helps.

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You can make a pillow out of it (do a search to get instructions). Also, there are several finishing stitches for things like linens that would work well. I'd check a book of embroidery at the library. The one I'm thinking of does a double stitch across, and then a double stitch up and down (the first secures it, the second just adds some decor). Think hardanger stitches--many of these would make very pretty edges. Then finish as a hanger.

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One of the replies reminded me that I forgot to add what kind of fabric I'm working on, it's Adia.

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As suggested, matting will hide a multitude of sins and give the piece a finished look (have had to do the same thing myself).

I finally learned to: find the center the fabric (fold fabric in fourths and give it a pinch to crease) and then start working from the center of the design outward from the center of the fabric and secondly when the chart or design recommends using a piece of fabric 2 to 3" larger than the design, you had better or you may end up short and have to get real creative.

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Sew strips of unbleached muslin on all 4 sides. This adds extra "space" for finishing.

Another option if the above fails is to slip it into a "tuckaway" pillow. Such a pillow is not for kids and dogs to roll around on the floor with, but it's fine for "show." An added benefit: you can change the nwk.

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