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Kathi67November 19, 2012

We are getting close to finalizing out house plans. These plans come closest to what I have been looking for except the garage will have a side entry.


I would love a bigger front walkway, were I can at least put some plants / decorations beside the door.

Not sure about the kitchen layout or the pantry in the hall.

Also, would love for the carport not to extend out so far.

Any suggestions would be very helpful.

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I would slide your garage entry over and eliminate the wall between the hall and laundry, then it makes room for lockers or bench/pantry and laundry in one space with a hallway down the middle-add a door for added insulation from the garage noise and temp changes,...also, should be enough room for a pet area if it suits your family. I like the dutch door on it if it's for pets.

Traditional Entry design by New York Architect Crisp Architects

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Overall, it's a pretty efficient plan.

For the size of the house, the master suite is huge. Is a tub important to you in the master? For me, that would be the first thing to go. Double doors to the master bath seems like a PITA. Also, the breakfast area is the only dining area in the house, so you may want that bigger. Not asure there is space for a door to the porch. Why does the island stick out, into the breakfast area like that?

I like house of stick's idea of moving the garage entry to the left and adding lockers ot the right. I would move the entry to the kitchen from the back hall to the left also and line it up with the garage entry. You can then line is up with the aisle between the range and sink and eliminate the corner cabinet which is dead space.

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Ditto what was said about the size of the breakfast area. Try drawing in your table and chairs to scale with the chairs pushed out to see how things fit. Looks like it will be about 12' wide, but impeded by the door swing more like 9'. Consider moving that door to be next to the fireplace in the LR. (Maybe a French door with windows will give you symmetry with a window on the other side of the fireplace.)

I'd post this on the kitchens forum to for your kitchen layout. For example, anyone going from the breakfast area to the refrigerator for a drink will walk right through the work zone past the cooktop. You would do better to put your ref at the end of the cooktop run, near the table area (IMO.)

Put a pocket door between the LR and the hall for the secondary bedrooms, so anyone in the front corner bedroom doesn't have to pass an opening to public spaces on their way to/from the bathroom.

You have a nice opportunity for more windows in those bedrooms too; add some windows on the side walls. (If you're worried about furniture placement you can put in a couple of high transom windows where the bed or nightstands would be below.) Or at least put a bigger window in the rear bedroom.

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the pantry seems far away to me.

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Is the breakfast room really the only dining area, or will you put a table in the LR? If that is it, I agree that the space allocated is a little too small with that door.

Will the pantry service the kitchen? If so, it is way too far from the action. It really needs to be in the kitchen. If you live alone or with just another adult, the kitchen layout might be okay, but as it is you'll have kids (young or old) crossing through the 'hot' zone to get to the fridge, not ideal.

I would really reconceive the whole kitchen / breakfast area. Posting the space on the kitchen forum is a great suggestion.

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I moved a couple things around to try to fix the laundry/pantry/kitchen area. First I made a proper front porch- you can't go wrong with one. You also mentioned you didn't want the garage to stick out as far so I pushed it back around 4 feet. By doing this, I also pushed back the master bedroom 4 feet, linng up its back wall with the dining room's. I condensed the master bath while I was at it- something you might or might not want but it can be easily fixed. That dining room may still need to be expanded out the back... just depends what you'll be using it for.

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This version is a bit larger. Once again I pushed back the garage and this time pushed the master/dining room back to where they are even to the back edge of the porch. This made the kitchen and dining both really nice sizes.

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The kitchen and bathrooms seem to be stuffed into dark spaces with no elbow room in order to create a large LR and MBR. It's like something out of the 50's with some walls removed, more like a renovation than a new house.

For instance, the MBR lavs should have their centers at least 18" off the wall to be able to brush teeth comfortably and the toilet compartment should be larger or have a window. If you live in the South with no children perhaps hooks on the wall would be adequate off the garage but not in the North with children.

Without knowing something about your family and climate I wouldn't know where to begin with suggestions but I would let some light into the house in any case.

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Is a sky light over the kitchen area possible?

A friend with a kitchen in the center of the house did that. I GASPED when I saw her finished kitchen!!!!

Floor plan looks good but the pantry bothers me a bit.

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Why not exit to the porch on the left side of the fireplace? Otherwise you are losing dining space to a walkway. It will make your table and chairs shove to the side. The window to the left of the fireplace is a dead space for furniture there anyway. A glass door will let the light in.

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All of these ideas sound great. I'm still so confused as to what to do. I have looked at more house plans than I could imagine, in which I am sure everyone that has built a home has. Please keep the ideas coming...

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i'd put a french door on either side of the fireplace and a nice big table in that dining nook. and chop off that floating penninsula end also.

otoh i might place the living room fireplace in the corner and add a large french door to the porch on that wall. that could make traffic flow a little easier.

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actually i take it back,lol. i would install the fireplace in the center of it all,sort of three sided on the kichen/living room wall so each room gets a face. it's not terribly uncommon in old homes around here, and days like today are wonderful additions.
but that's me and i don't know if you also live in a cold climate.

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