Fruit Decorations.

jamz-09May 27, 2007

Hye everyone! I'm new to this forum, I was just looking for a forum to publish my mum's fruit work. Its traditional in the Asian Culture to Design Fruits on special occasions. As it is my Uncle's engagement tomorrow, She had made some Fruit Decorations. So I thought I will share them here.

She thought she will get some inspiration from the internet to make one:

This is the original image she Looked at:

And These are her own Version :

Hope you enjoy looking at them! Feel Free to post a comment about what you think of it! xx

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Wow, those are really awesome!!! I use to work at a catering place and they did some really neat things. Her work is right up there with theirs.

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Beautiful! looks like alot of work to me.
welcome to the fourm and thanks for shareing your moms photo with us.

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Welcome to the forum Jamz, you'll have a great time visiting here. Nice folks who like to share their ideas and projects. The fruit creations are awesome and I must say, they look mighty yummy!!!

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My goodness I think your mom is a pro!!

thanks for sharing.

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Welcome Jamz, your Mom's fruit creations are beautiful. That must take allot of time and an eye for color combinations and shapes.

I see you live in the United Kingdom. Glad you found us and hope you will enjoy spending time on this forum. Lots of very creative people here.


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Thanks Everyone! for the wonderful comments and the warm welcoming!
Very Much Appreciated!

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Thank you for sharing the pictures with us, Jamil. I will be trying to make some of them today.

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