Glass Etching

omacMay 15, 2009

Has anyone done glass etching on mirrors?

I need to do a class for about 15 woman, for about 1 hour,

and wondered if this was something easy enought to do.

Also, and special tips on where to get the supplies?



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I used the amour liq. glass etching cream. It is really simple. BUT!!! you need to leave it on longer then it says. I leave mine on I think 30 mins. The first time I done it I followed the instructions and the 5 min leave on time...Only part of the design came out. The stick on stencils are easy to use with it...

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I saw a kit at Michael's with brushes, stencils, a cream.
Is it a better deal to buy the kits, or separate items?

Also, are the stick on stencils reusable, or just a one timer.


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I could tell you if the kits are a better deal. I'd say they prob. are. You can look at each ind. things and add up the price and see. I used the stick on ones that are reuseable...I used certin ones several times...

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