Broken over Broken China Mosaics

thrift_shop_romanticMay 6, 2007

I've had some discussions with some folks lately on how to do broken china mosaics. And it occurred to me that while I knew HOW to do it, and the final product turned out nicely, there can be unexpected frustrations in what seems like such a happy, calming and simple craft.

Anyway, thinking about this, I thought you all might get a kick out of one of my past incidents of mass mosaicing around Mother's Day-- and how too much of a good craft is STILL too much. :-)

If you have a moment, you can view the blog link here:

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


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I love your blog story, you had me LMAO about the skinny flabby arms and the brain saying you've got to make six - too funny Jenn. Also, my sis loves to decorate French Country and I forwarded your website to her in an email. She was very, very impressed with all of your creations and just loved all of it.

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Oh, that's so lovely, thank you. And thank you, too, for passing the link along.

Next time I mosaic, I'm going to make sure to set the scope of my project to something more reasonable, so I'll enjoy it more. It's a great craft, and there are so many wonderful things you can do. But clearly not when it's a Mosaic Marathon. :-)

Have a happy Monday!

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Jenn, I loved reading about your mosaic experience. Nice to have someone totally honest about thier struggles. Having only had the experience of working with grout once (laid some tiles in a small entry way.) And remembering the wiping, and wiping, and wiping to get it off the tiles and only in the grout lines during that experience--I have been very reluctant to try doing mosaic projects of any kind. LOL


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I posted your struggles over at the stained glass & mosaic forum --------- Full credit to you ! --- I think we've all been there - done that - and have that little annoying person in our heads too ! LOL

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Ha- TooMuchGlass-- It's so reassuring to know you veteran mosaicers can recall the initial mosaic challenges. :-) And thanks so much for posting the link in that section. This is such a huge site, I don't get over there-- in spite of loving to see other people's mosaicing projects.

Yep, the ol' inner voice is just a BIT too ambitious sometimes. But hey, that's how we learn.


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Jenn, just had to say I love reading your bolg! you did a beautiful job on your steping stones!

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You're always so nice, Oddie. Thanks a bunch! :-)


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OMG that was really funny and you write so well - and sadly I have thought often about trying the mosaic thing - maybe I'll just sit on that idea for awhile...
very lovely stones you've created!
Suzan J

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What a great story!!!! You are way too cute!!
Take care and have a great weekend!

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