Does anyone cross stitch for a fee?

lauramay67May 11, 2006

My sister made me a cross stitch baby record with the birth date, weight etc for me last year. I dropped it off at my local craft store for framing, and the shop destroyed it. I mean- he threw it away!! I didn't pick it up in time- which is my fault I agree, but he could have spent one measly stamp and mailed it back to me.

Anyway- the damage is done.

I still have the kit instructions and chart with some leftover thread, and the new kits are still available on the internet. But, I dont have time to do a new one now and I really hate to ask my sister to redo it.

Does anyone do custom stitch work? I would really like to have the shop owner pay to have it remade.



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hi laura
i do cross stich to custom for a living so if u let me see the pattern ect... i can tell you how long it will take and how much too.
My prices are not that high and i can usually come to an agreement if you think it is it is mainly dependant on the size and what materials i have to provide
Hope this helps you

P.S if you want to email me the details that would be helpfull

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I can cross-stitch as well. I have never done it for a fee, but if I see the pattern and etc, then I should be able to finish it in a timely manner.

Email me if you are interested. =]]

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Celtic Obsessions have a heap of stitchers who stitch for a fee. Drop them a line and see what it might cost?

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If you want to send it to me and I will do it for you for free.
please email at:


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