What a great idea

jenni_caMay 29, 2008

If you have a new kitty or puppy in the house this would be a good thing to have.

We all know how they love to get in the bathroom and unroll the toilet paper...it is great fun.

This little holder would sure stop that. The roll just sits down inside but

can still be easily used but the critters can't get to it.

Think I'll make some for a few friends.

I know some grown up cats that think unrolling TP is so much fun!!

The fabric could easily match the bathroom decor.

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This is a great idea. A friend whose cats always unrolled the toilet paper just puts his on the holder the other way so when it rolls it "rolls up" if you know what I mean. Solved the kitty problem right away.


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Our dog loves toilet paper! His room is our hall bathroom where he stays at night. We had to take the TP off the roller and put it up on a shelf to keep him from tearing all of it off the roll and then trying to eat it. We think he might be part goat!

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