rattling noise from Miele dishwasher

sharon_sDecember 17, 2008

Hello all,

So yesterday, my Optima starting making this loud rattling sound, which I guess is coming from the pump (sounds like the filter on my fish tank when somethings up with the impeller). The dishwasher is a little over a year old.

So, I'm guessing it needs a service call, but I thought I'd check here first to see if someone has a suggestion. Also, do you think I'll do more damage if I run it? (it seemed to clean ok yesterday--I didn't notice the sound until the very end of the cycle)



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I had the same problem. Do call the 800 number and maybe get a service call but first check that nothing is caught in the pump and clean out the trap.

They can walk you through it all at the 800 number.

IIRC ours was nothing serious and there was no charge for the technician. Then again my Miele technician and I are very old friends ;-) same guy since we purchased our first Miele appliance 10 yrs ago and he's been to my house about 7 times in that time and I don't think I've ever paid for anything other than parts. I LOVE Miele

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Hey, Loves2cook-

Just wanted to thank you for this. It's been over a month (life got busy)and I just couldn't take the noise anymore so I googled and found instructions for how to get at the impeller. Sure enough, there was a pesky unpopped corn kernel hiding under the impeller. Managed to coax it out and am giving the dishwasher a test run now. So far, so good!

Ah, it's nice to have quiet again!

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any chance you can direct me to those instructions? My Miele has started to make a CRACKLING noise and I wonder if my crackle is the same as you "rattle"

I'm having other issues as well, but service has been no help to me so far.

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pull the filter screen, in the sump front right is a wire that holds a tube down. Flip wire to rear, pull up tube, impeller is exposed.

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