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freeeloveMay 6, 2008

Hello all. I'm an occasional lurker and I tend to find great solutions and inspiration here simply by searching previous posts, but I would love advice on this prodject:

I am breaking into the Birthday Party Business for myself!


My back drop will be a portable projector screen on a tripod with my name and web site. It was suggested by a great entertainer as an excellent backdrop alternative (they can go for 400-900 and they are plain!) He has filled in his with marker, silhouettes of children's characters (think ink blots or shadow profiles) along with "Who am I" The kids amuse them selves guessing while I set up and during the show. Love this idea!

However, I would like the option of semi permanently adhering felt/paper shapes instead so I can switch characters over time or have a boy themed set and a girl themed set.

Will glue sticks give me a semi permanent hold? Friends have suggested Velcro dots, but I don't know how it will roll up for transport with a bunch of dots.

Thanks for any suggestions, and in case anyone is wondering, I have permission to use this back drop idea from the original creator.


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Oh! Does anyone think the window cling transparencies I've read mentioned in other posts might work for me? Do they make Black?

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Could you use a big piece of felt as the backdrop and just have the velcro on whatever is being stuck to the felt?

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felt will stick to felt all by itself...I have been using a felt board for music classes for about 40 years, and it's still working!

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I meant FLANNEL!!!!!!! not felt..............

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Jaybird: I never would have thought of flannel! Will check it out! Thank you!

Felt and velcro might be another option, will save me having to buy so much velcro for both sides!

Thank you all so much for your ideas!

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