Creative Gift Ideas for Teachers

riknriesmomMay 12, 2009


I am looking for some ideas on making some unique, inexpensive gifts for my sons teachers for the end of the year. This is his last year in grade school and he probably won't let me send anything in with him when he hits Jr. Last year I decorated small brown paper bags and filled them with all different types of candy and on the front it, I made a little sign that said "Have a sweet Summer!". I've also made decorated candles in the past. For some reason, I'm completely drawing a blank and really need some inspiration! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much!

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Speaking as a teacher, gifts you use up, such as the candy and candles you mentioned, are a favorite with our teaching staff. (Although of course we appreciate the kind thought behind ANY gift!) Gift cards can be pricey, but even a coupon for a cone at Dairy Queen or something similar can always be enjoyed. It's very nice that you want to show your appreciation! I'm sure whatever you do will be the perfect choice!

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I don't know if you have a dollar tree where your at. But they have lots of great stuff to make a nice basket with. Like a spa basket, they have soft music cd's, hair wraps, bath fizzies,candles,ect...All 1.00 a piece...

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My daughter is a teacher and she says "PLEASE don't give me any more apple stuff"!

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Thanks for all of your ideas, I really appreciate it. I think I am going to end up making marble magnets.

posieh --- I would NEVER give anything apple my style. :)

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Here is a great idea!

Here is a link that might be useful: Personal Hand Sanitizer Or Soap

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