Where's Oddie????

luvstocraftMay 3, 2008

Oddie, I am missing you on here, are you doing okay? Let us hear from you when you have a minute, okay? Luvs

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You're right, haven't seen her lately. Did you send her a private email Luvs? Maybe she's just busy doing yard work or working on a project or tackling Spring cleaning. I know that's kept me very busy these last three weeks.


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Sorry! been so busy getting all the yard work done, seems every year this place gets bigger, or I am just getting older LOL! havent been crafting, nothing seems to jump out at me and say make me! want to make some flowers for my moms grave, always feel down this time of the year, when everyones makeing stuff for Mothers day, I will get it together soon! I hope, thanks for asking about me.

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Oddie, I think allot of people get that low feeling at Mother's Day--especially the older ones of us with Mom's that have passed and/or kids who no longer live close by.

Now I just try to concentrate on making/buying some little something and giving it to my DIL to make HER day special--especially since her Mom and Dad retired to Costa Rica, so they don't get to be together.


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I know there are lots who will be missing there mothers, and I have a wonderful MIL to concentrate on, and I should be feeling very thankful, just cant seem to shake it this year!

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Yep, sad time...first year for me without my Mom on Mother's Day. Just walking by the cards in walmart puts an ache in my heart. Yes, we have missed you, Oddie and your wonderfully inspiring crafts! I too have been busy making flower beds and just enjoying the sunshine being outside.

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Skyrider, so sorry for the loss of your Mother, after 24 years I still have that ache in my heart, a couple of years ago there was a poem going around the fourms and I added my moms photo and made them for my family, I cried alot but it seemed to help me get throu Mothers day, like I was doing something for her, wanted to show you all the poem so beautiful!

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