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jdezNovember 15, 2013

Ok, here is my current plan, the first floor at least. The changes we are making are minimal. In my next post, I will show you some changes we are planning to make. The rest of the layout is perfect for us and will not be changed. We will be entering/exiting from the back door most of the time. The back door leads to a porch and then we will have some kind of detached covered carport connected to the end of the porch by a covered walkway. We changed the location of the washer/dryer because we wanted an actual laundry room and because we don't want to run the dryer vent through the attic, so w/d will need to be on the exterior wall (DH's request so non-negotiable). We also needed to find room for return a/c and hot water heater because we are building on a slab. So, I have a list of wants and I wanted to see what ya'll can do to help me figure it out. The laundry room HAS to include space for washer/dryer and hot water heater. I would like to have (but will make sacrifices), a counter for folding, a bar for hanging, at least one cabinet for laundry items and maybe room for hanging some brooms/mops. I wouldn't mind a small freezer being in there but I think I'm running out of room. Somewhere near the back door/laundry room/stair area, I would like to have a bench with 3 cubbies and I would like some kind of small area to drop off mail or whatever I might be carrying. The return a/c is getting in my way but there's nowhere else I want to put it. So, can ya'll make any suggestions where to put these things? If there is not enough room, I will live. I have just seen these things on this forum and on houzz and really feel like I need them. Also, the porch is one of my favorite features so I don't want to lose any more porch if I can help it. Thanks. I look forward to your advice.

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This is the revised version so far.

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Could you move the door to your MBR around to the side by the laundry room? Then you could scoot the A/C into that corner where the door is now, and that leaves the area where your laundry was originally for a bench with cubbies, or a mail table or whatever.

And I agree with your hubby about having the dryer on an exterior wall. Dryers vented through the ceiling are a pet peeve of mine!

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What is "return A/C"? Is it a floor/ceiling vent or a mechanical unit? Can it be enclosed? Where is the water heater in the original plan? Can you use the space under the stairs? What's up above?

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Something like this? I widened your pantry, lining up with the kitchen wall, to put the freezer there (and smooth out the footprint).

Where was the water heater to go originally? Can you do a tankless system on slab? I've only seen it with basements.

In the laundry I put in a sink, too; in my old house I kept the counter cutout from the sink, and would put it on when I needed space for stuff or for folding. Lengthening the cubby wall creates a little "entry" for the master suite. You could put doors on the cubbies like "lockers" for a tidier look.

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Great idea Chadoe. That's why I finally decided to ask these questions, that option never ocurred to me. I like the fact that the MB door doesn't currently face the kitchen area but it might be something I could live with. I'll have to play with that idea some more.

Bpathome, I'm sure I have name it wrong but it's the central air and heat mechanical unit that goes inside the house. I don't really know what it's called. It can be closed in but one side has to have an opening for the filter and it probably takes about a 3x3 space but I'm not sure about that. On the original plan, it is supposed to be in a basement but we are building on a slab because we can't have a basement. I can't put it under the stairs because it needs that one side with the filter to be unobstructed and open (I think).

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Bpathome, on your drawing, the washer and dryer is against the wall that is beside the MB. The dryer is closest to the exterior wall, so the vent can obviously go out that wall but what about the washing machine drain. Can that be run through the slab to the outside of the house or where does it go? Does all the plumbing run through the slab?

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Ah, well, ya see, I'm not an architect or a plumber :) As Michael Keaton said in Night Shift, I'm an idea (wo)man! I imagine it is plumbed like the bathrooms and kitchen.

Can the water heater go in the same space as the hvac system? If there's room, and I think they need air space around them, too. You could have a louvered or vented door for circulation.

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Yes drains are in the slab.

Have you considered how you will place furniture in the living room? It seems pretty tight with the door there. Like you would open the door and walk straight into the arm side of a sofa.

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I like bpathomes changes. Could you bump the master bedroom wall to line up with the master shower wall? Then you could bump the laundry room into the master bedroom by two feet so you can use both sides of the 12 foot wall.

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Thanks for the responses. We'll look it over and see what we have to do to get what we want without going overboard. I think these suggestions will work. I just have to make sure it's within budget. I'll update later on.

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I like bpathome's changes to the entrance of the owners suite and second nostalgicfarm's idea on smoothing out the footprint even wouldn't lose any master sq footage and would gain a lot in the laundry room!

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