Large soup cans

flowersnowMay 28, 2011

I have quite a few large cans (soup, peach, corn, tomato) and need some up cycling ideas. I did paint one, but I have to admit that they are so cute with the labels left on. Any simple up cycling ideas? I had also thought about selling them...just to clear out the space. What would you pay for a large, clean can with the label on?

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I wouldn't pay anything for a can????

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I don't think anyone will pay money for recently used cans that are someone else's trash unless you have a size not readily available. Even then, they wouldn't go for much. As far as upcycling, your imagination is the limit. I use my old coffee cans to store crafting supplies like marbles or bulk food items like rice or beans. I've covered them with paper and used them to give gift assortments for nursing homes.

Google "coffee can crafts" and "tin can crafts" for more ideas.

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Good mornin' - hope you have good luck with those cans - they would take up too much room for me to be able to buy them from you... Can you imagine the shipping on something like that?

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I would free cycle them. Lots of people use them for storing nuts and bolts, all kinds of stuff. I take it they don't have lids?

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